6-ethenyl-6-(2-methoxyethoxy)-2,5,7,10-tetraoxa-6-silaundecane|CAS :1067-53-4--Jiangxi Chenguang New Materials Co., Ltd.(Jiangsu Chenguang Silane Co., Ltd.)
Jiangxi Chenguang New Materials Co., Ltd.(Jiangsu Chenguang Silane Co., Ltd.)

Chemical Name:6-ethenyl-6-(2-methoxyethoxy)-2,5,7,10-tetraoxa-6-silaundecane
Molecular Formula:C11H24O6Si
Structural Formula:
Molecular Weight:280.39
CAS No.:1067-53-4

Physical Properties
Physical Form:Transparent liquid
Color:Colorless or slightly yellow
Specific Gravity at 25/25°C:1.034
Boiling Point,°C:285
Refractive Index, nD 25°C:1.42-1.44
Flash Point, Pensky-Martens Closed Cup(1), °C:92

This product is a coupling agent filled rubber composites, but also can improve the emulsion or coating adhesion and durability. CG-172 can make the packing of hydrophobic, improving compatibility between filler and polymer, the better dispersion, the melt viscosity decreased. Can improve the cohesion, single fiber and resin properties of composites under wet condition. Can provide crosslink is an organic polymer, crosslinking agent used as polymer modifiers, three yuan of ethylene propylene rubber modifier, silane crosslinked cable material. 

Packaging and Storage
Be sealed and stored in cool and well ventilated place. Away from fire and water.